Services Offered

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Retirement/Estate Planning

The Plan to Propser team specializes in retirement and estate planning. Using sophisticated software, the Plan to Propser team helps clients plan for “what-if” scenarios, reduce their tax bills, track their spending, and craft a customized investment plan to help ensure that they will have enough money for a comfortable retirement and be able to leave a legacy to their heirs.

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Planned Giving

The Plan to Prosper team assists clients in creating and implementing a charitable giving strategy that satisfies both their philanthropic interests and their tax planning needs. Specifically, Jane is a Certified Specialist in Planned GivingCM and is a member of the San Diego Planned Giving Partnership. Jane helps clients understand the advantages and limitations of various charitable vehicles.

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College Planning

The Plan to Prosper team is committed to helping their clients plan for educational expenses for themselves and their children. By identifying the benefits of various college saving plans the Plan to Prosper team ensures that clients and their families can limit or avoid student debt without compromising their plans for a comfortable retirement. 

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Women & Wealth Series

The Plan to Prosper team is especially devoted to helping women realize their goals. In 2014, Jane created the Women & Wealth Lecture Series which focuses on inspiring women of all ages to take control of their financial futures. The Plan to Propser Team and their guest speakers cover topics like the merits of property ownership, tax-free investing for women, and the power of planning for financial freedom.

Financial Bootcamp for Millennials

Financial Bootcamp for Millennials

In 2015, Jane launched a series of weekly workshops specifically tailored for millennials ages 18–30. Through classes on budgeting, the perils of credit card debt, the merits of investing in the stock market, and the concept of “paying yourself first,” students gain a strong foundation for good financial habits.

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Teen Money Matters

Starting in 2011, Jane has taught an accredited class for teenagers ages 14–18 through the Coronado Unified School District. The class introduces students to the concepts of compounded interest, budgeting, and saving for college.