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Jane Braun is passionate about helping people take control of their financial futures. Through her monthly “Wealth & Wisdom for Women” lecture series, Jane guides women in navigating the challenges of investing, managing personal finances, and juggling their own well-being with the demands of a family and career. Jane has taught money-management classes for millennials and worked with families to plan for retirement and educational expenses.  Whether you want to build your first portfolio or leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones, Jane wants to help you reach your financial goals. She will help you build an investment portfolio that balances your short-term needs with long-term comfort so that you can enjoy your lifestyle today and tomorrow.

If you are already a client of Plan to Prosper, you’ll be able to use this website to access your account, educate yourself using up-to-date information about the capital markets, and learn about upcoming Plan to Prosper events.

If you’re not yet acquainted with Plan to Prosper, we’ve established this website as a way for you to get to know Jane and learn how she can design a personalized road map to achieving your life goals.

We appreciate your interest in Plan to Prosper and welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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